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Moving Picture Crew takes pride in providing our clients with seasoned camera crews for productions of all sizes.
Crewing jobs in New York, Florida and the Caribbean, Moving Picture’s personnel are well established in the national film and television markets. And with such a wealth of talented personnel, Moving Picture is able to put together the perfect team for your video shoot, whether you simply need a skilled camera operator, or a goal oriented DP, soundman and grip department. Our crews have a history of working together, and it shows. We are not the traditional all-freelance hodgepodge of people and video equipment. We know our craft and our gear, our people and our locations. Our professionals have been helping our clients succeed for years, and that proven track record is why we get requested again and again.

What makes us different from other video crew companies? Check out the list below.

From corporate video production to music videos, commercials to television shows, Moving Picture has crews with the experience to exceed expectations. Find examples of our work for your specific genre on our “Our Work” page.

For DP’s, cameramen, audio engineers, even aerial cinematography, Moving Picture Crew is there in a moment’s notice Call today: 1-800-800-1361.


What makes us different from other Video Crew companies?

1. We are always available:
Moving Picture Media has over 20 seasoned video production crews available in New York, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Portland. Instead of searching for hours for an available crew, one 5-minute call allows you to move on to your next production challenge.

2. We care:
We will watch your back and help guide your production if needed. We will anticipate your needs and warn you of any pitfalls that we sense. Need local knowledge? We will give it. Tape stock: we always carry it, requested or not.

3. Our Cameramen are Directors of Photography.
When not shooting 35MM film on "The Big Jobs," they suppliment their income with video production. Average age is 45 years young.

4. We answer the phone 24/7 and mean it.
Weekends and nights you are able to reach our crew coordinator and your cameraman.

5. We carry workman's comp and general liability insurance for our crews so you don't have to. Our insurance broker is Taylor & Taylor, based in New York and Los Angeles.

6. Our lighting packages are more comprehensive than our competitors. Our packages include low-heat LED lighting, kinoflows and HMI's.

Camera Crew Florida
OpenPeak© Executive InterviewOpeanPeak© Corporate Interview
Former CEO of Apple and Pepsi, and Board member of OpenPeak©, John Sculley addressed his audience in High Definition to communicate the message of OpeanPeak's new innovative home smart phone.
Eric Clapton Celebrity Interviews Eric Clapton, Dickey Betts and more...
Tom Dowd's provocative documentary "The Language of Music" brought interviews from Eric Clapton, Les Paul, Dickey Betts and many, many more.
Sanford Winery Corporate ProfileEnviromently Sound Business Profile
Sanford Winery© corporate profile piece from the award winning wine maker Richard Sanford has us all contemplating our part in harmony with Earth.
Don Dion Multi-Camera Multi-Angled Don Dion
View the high definition, four camera shoot of financial guru Don Dion. Custom informative video newsletter for the president of Dion Money Management.

Tween Limited Too© Branding Video Limited Too© Tween Branding Video
Tween Brands needed a corporate branding video to communicate to the employees of the corporation. The story was told through a lifestyle video featuring a young customer of Limited Too©.